Bowling Rewards

How It Works

Signing up for Bowling Rewards is simple and easy.  Whether you bowl once a year or every week, the Bowling Rewards card offers membership benefits that make you eligible for instant cash back rewards whenever you present your card at checkout.  These rewards are in straight $.$$ currency (no points) and can be redeemed on future sales as if you were spending real cash.  Best of all, you can use your Bowling Rewards card not only inside your local pro shop or entertainment center, but at every participating location nationwide that joins our network.  


All balances are kept separate on a location by location basis so you only need one card.  Please visit our Directory of participating merchants where your Bowling Rewards card can be used to earn rewards.

Step by Step Instructions


  • Get a Card:  You must acquire an official Bowling Rewards card from a participating entertainment center or pro shop. Please note you only need one (1) Bowling Rewards card to use in-network regardless of the customized branding on the front of the card.
  • Activate Card and Unlock Preloaded Games or Rewards:   Once you acquire a card, activate it online by completing the registration process and choosing a password.  Bowling Rewards will send you a welcome email containing a link to activate your account.  You must click this link to activate your account.  Be sure to check your deleted items or spam folder in case this email does not show up in your inbox within a minute of registration.  Many issuing locations load free games or rewards on the card that become available for redemption upon card activation.  
  • Earn Instant Cash Back Rewards:  Present your card at checkout to record your sales activity and immediately start earning cash back rewards valid toward a future purchase.  Each participating pro shop and bowling center offers their own unique rewards benefits so check with the front desk for details.  All reward benefits and applicable disclaimers are published on the Bowling Rewards Directory for your convenience.
  • Load Gift Value or Games (Optional):  At your discretion, you can use your Bowling Rewards card like a gift card and load either gift value or games value by pre-paying in advance.  Many merchants offer additional reward incentives when loading gift or games value on your card.  Please note you can only redeem the balances on your card at the location where the value was originally loaded or earned. 
  • Redeem Earned Rewards:  Return back to the location where you have accumulated balances and redeem your rewards. The more you spend, the more you earn!  Login to your account online anytime to check real-time balances available on your card.

The Bowling Rewards Card Works
Anywhere In-Network

Official Bowling Rewards cards have our symbol  published in the lower right corner of your card. This means the card is valid anywhere inside the BR Directory. It doesn’t matter what the front of your card looks like, as long as you have an official Bowling Rewards card, you can use that card ANYWHERE in our growing Directory to earn valuable rewards and save BIG. Your card keeps track of rewards separately at each location so rewards can only be redeemed at the location where they were originally earned.


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